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LIFE EDUCATION This week Hinau classes had their two sessions with the Life Education classroom.  This was a great learning experience.  We learnt about what a reputation is - good and bad.  How we get these.  We learnt about being good friends and being ourselves around our friends.  Below is some photo's in slides of the Hinau classes.

Room 16/17 Writing motivation with our buddy classes

We were lucky enough to be invited to go with our buddy class on their walk to the local Domain. We showed Arohanui to our buddies by holding their had's walking to and from the Domain and by keeping an eye on our buddy the whole time we were there.

Here are some photos from our experience!


ROOM 13-15 GLOBAL RACERS On Friday those of us who didn't go to the rugby fun day, had a go on a website called the Amazing Global Race.  We chose many different places to learn about - Hawaii, Alaska, Italy, France and even New Zealand.  We would watch a video, read some information in a slide show, then take part in a quiz.  When we had finished the quiz we got a passport stamp to the place we had visited.

ROOM 13 BUDDY CLASS VISIT Room 13 are very excited to finally have some buddies starting to school to help.  We went for a visit on Friday afternoon, we listened to our buddies read and then played some games with them.  We are looking forward to the rest of Room 1 starting soon.